Contemporary and traditional stained glass window design and repair, at affordable prices.

Welcome to Fancy Pants Glass Studio. As owner, designer and craftsman, I’d like to work with you toward the creation of an original piece of modern stained glass art.

My studio is located in historic Harrisville, Rhode Island and all works are custom handcrafted right here using all-American materials.

My goals are to create a work that will fulfill your vision, enhance the beauty of its environment, and provide enjoyment to those who view it.

Tom Randall


Most designs can be done for $185 per square foot. Make your own cost estimate: Find the area of your project and round up to the next whole number square foot and multiply by $185.

Example: A window 27" by 16" is 432 by 144 is 3 sq.ft./times $185 is $555

This price includes: design consultation, design review, materials & labor.

Add a simple wood frame for $75.


You can estimate repair costs at $35 per broken segment of glass.

Note: There is a distinction between Stained Glass Window Repair and Window Restoration. It is often difficult to precisely match the broken segment of glass. I do the best possible in matching the glass. A faithful restoration of an antique window can get prohibitively expensive.

Styles of Windows and their Construction

  • Older stained glass windows typically were constructed using strips of lead channels between the pieces of glass. This construction technique is still used and you may prefer the lead channel style, or request a repair of a lead channel window.

  • Louis Tiffany pioneered the “Copper Foil” technique. The Tiffany system makes possible beautiful intricate designs that cannot be done using the classic lead "came" procedure.
    • Most contemporary windows and almost all the smaller hanging pieces use the Tiffany technique.
    • The foil technique allows for much more complex shapes to be crafted.

  • The rigid zinc or brass channel strip technique is especially useful for the Praire-style window treatments made famous by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright.

Good vs. So-So Stained Glass Compositions

One can find lots of low cost stained glass creations at big box and at flea markets. Mostly this stuff is imported from China. At first, it looks good, but closer inspection shows the sloppy solder lines found in “Slapdash” factory low-wage production. These pieces will never increase in value.

Do not settle for slipshod construction.